Continuing our salute to the military the Wingman spinner is dressed with warplane laser markings. Based on our Stainless Steel Ergo beta. r188 Ceramic hybrid bearing. Stainless Steel Turbine etched buttons. These will be serialized and limited to 20 units on our second drop.  New this time around is the Mach 1 option which will include both standard and our new Afterburner buttons at a 30% savings 

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Ergo Wingman

I had seen this spinner on a facebook group, and was heartbroken to find out that they were all sold out. When I saw that there was an order for them again I jumped on that QUICKLY! This is an amazing spinner. I love it so much. Smooth, comfortable high Quality....JUST BEAUTIFUL!! My Grandfather was in the Air Force, so it just means that much more to me!